Abarth, the competitive scorpion

As is often the case in the automotive world, the scorpion brand has established itself thanks to the vision and persistence of a man. Carlo Abarth was born in Vienna but it was in Italy, in the country where the automobile is king, that he changed his first name and earned a reputation. A genius preparer, he is hired by Cisitalia, who wants to benefit from his legendary-sounding exhaust pipes. He then began a career as a pilot. This record man, born under the sign of the scorpion, will win many competitions and will infuse the spirit of winning to his future brand. This attitude is reflected in the minimalist and aggressive design of its cars as well as in their racing performance.

Following his racing career, he founded his own brand with Guido Scagliarini after the Second World War. His cars immediately won many prestigious races and his fame grew. Fame doesn't detract from his vision of a racy, nervous and thrilling car for their drivers. The competitors make no mistake and everyone wants to board one of his cars. The Fiat brand bought Abarth in 1971 and made it its bridgehead in the sports car world. Since then the designer's philosophy has never been questioned and the brand is definitely synonymous with sportsmanship and performance.

The Abarth 595, symbol of a brand of character

The collaboration between Fiat and the scorpion brand has given birth to multiple productions that have, for the most part, worked wonders both in the world of competition and in that, more confidential, of small sports city dwellers. If there is one that has made history it is the 595. Presented at the motor show in 1957, it was immediately classified as a "yogurt jar". Its small size is far from a defect when it comes to measuring its dynamism and explosiveness. Originally a record car, its sporty side naturally found its place in the infernal urban trafficwhere where the dog box and its inimitable noise immediately made it known as a car apart.
The 595 has been available under many models since its inception and it is safe to say that, like the same as 695, even sportier, the current 1.4 Turbo is the worthy descendant. All the peculiarities of his venerable and revered ancestor can be found in this concentration of urban power. The round curves colonize the entire design of the car, giving it a childish and gentle look that would be unreasonable to rely on. Because once the steering wheel is in hand, it is easy to understand that the quality of finish is at least as considered by designers as the sporty performance. And we look feverishly for a hill to climb or a dense traffic from which to escape with ease ...

The Abarth 124 Spider, sportiness and innovation

If you are told so much about the sport side of the brand, it is because it is essential to understand the special relationship that this manufacturer has shaped with motor racing. In 1972, the officiine produced the Abarth 124, the first model in a long series that will be remembered as one of the greatest automotive successes. Today, the brand is reconnecting with its glorious past by offering its aficionados to get behind the wheel of the new 124 Spider. An assumed sporty look and a bit eccentric sums up from the first eye contact all the confidence of a group that believes in its philosophy.

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