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Mopar Abarth Monaco and Menton


Your Abarth vehicle is guaranteed against any manufacturing fault for 24 months from its delivery date as indicated on the warranty certificate, without limit of mileage.

This warranty includes replacing unusable or defective parts caused by a manufacturing fault with new or refurbished Abarth parts, or by repairing them.

Measures taken under warranty are performed free by Abarth Authorised Repairers and include:

  • Repair or replacement of defective parts;
  • Labour required for replacement or repair;
  • Supply of consumables required to perform repairs under warranty.

During the period of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, you also have the benefit of roadside assistance: Car-warranty-image


The vehicle is guaranteed against any defect in the original paint for a period of 36 months from the vehicle’s delivery date. This guarantee covers the total or partial repainting of the vehicle, to completely eliminate the identified fault according to the Manufacturer’s standard conditions.


The structural elements of the vehicle’s bodywork are guaranteed against any perforation due to corrosion, when this arises from the interior towards the exterior. This warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of the original structural element of the bodywork which has been perforated by corrosion. It applies for 8 years from the vehicle’s delivery date.

Please read the conditions of application of the Warranty, detailed in your Warranty and Service Manual or approach the Abarth sales advisers of Segond Automobiles Group.