Alfa Romeo Guilia

The New Giulia is an icon of Italian design. Balanced, tempered and clad in the finest materials, this car embodies absolute elegance.

At the front, it boasts the “Trilobe”, probably the most famous and distinctive face of the automobile world. On its sides, a marked ridge line runs along the doors to its muscular rear.

The interior is faithful to the rest of the car: refined, with high quality finishes and responsive to the driver’s comfort. All these elements of style are more than aesthetic features, they are functional. That is how Alfa Romeo gives meaning to “The Mechanics of Emotion” ('La Meccanica delle emozioni').

The New Giulia offers an exceptional driving experience, especially suited to travelling.


Alfa™ DNA affects the engine settings and other controls, such as steering, suspension, and the gearbox to modify the balance of the car.

Discover the Alfa Romeo Giulia specifications which offer a harmony of equipment, design and performance in each configuration.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The New Giulia Quadrifoglio is not only the most powerful Alfa Romeo ever created. It embodies the culminating meeting-point between engineering and emotion, something that only a legendary firm like Alfa Romeo could create.

It is an exceptional tribute to the 106 years of a sports house which, still today, is distinguished by its unique character; a passion for the car which knows no comparison. Visceral. Energetic. Technological. Designed by the book.

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