Alfa Romeo Monaco and Menton are committed to providing you with an impeccable quality Maintenance Service.

Your Alfa Romeo-authorised Casino Garage workshop alone can 100% guarantee compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines and extend the life of your vehicle

Our technicians were trained and accredited by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible care to diagnose and resolve any potential problem your vehicle may have.

Don’t wait any longer, make an appointment online directly via our platform or directly contact your Alfa Romeo-authorised repairer from the Segond Automobiles Group.

Trust the Easy Care and Atout Services programmes offered by Mopar®:

Mopar® is the leading Services brand, for customer relations, genuine spare parts and accessories of the Fiat Chrysler Group brands


Pre-arrange the price of scheduled maintenance.

A maintenance plan specially designed so you can easily budget the maintenance of your vehicle, ensuring it will never miss an essential maintenance operation and guarantees that you extend the life of your vehicle.

With EASY CARE the benefits are clear and transparent.

Contact your Authorised Distributor at Monaco et Menton Méditerranée Motors for any question about an EASY CARE contract and its exclusions.

Easy car Al fa Romeo Monaco & Menton

Easy car Al fa Romeo Monaco & Menton


With ATOUT SERVICES, you will enjoy:

  • Controlling your budget
  • Fixed monthly payments for the entire duration of your contract.
  • The unforeseen added ‘zero’

With ATOUT SERVICES, you benefit from the complete cover of your vehicle, which helps you avoid unforeseen expenses during the whole duration of your contract.

  • Have an option to fit your needs : For the duration of your contract, you can change the term, mileage and potential optional services: in this way, you adjust your contract to your requirements. The contract can also be transferred if the vehicle is sold.
  • Simple to Use : Receive your vehicle by simply handing over your ATOUT SERVICES card.


The ATOUT SERVICES contract covers servicing for your safety and control of your budget.

Oil changes, servicing and checks in line with frequencies as per service logs,

Labour and supply of parts, lubricants and components,

Replacement of worn parts (battery, windscreen wipers, bulbs…),

Oil and screen-wash top-ups required between service periods,

Cover of roadworthiness inspection.


The ATOUT SERVICES guarantee takes over from the manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of your contract.


Only people who know every detail and every component of their car can take complete care of it.

That is why genuine Mopar® parts are designed and devised to retain the characteristic reliability, comfort and performance of the car as it was when it left the factory.

The period during which parts essential for the operation of the vehicle will be available in the French market is ten years from the date of it first coming into circulation. 


Because no-one can avoid the hazards of life, with the ATOUT SERVICES contract you enjoy extensive roadside assistance 24/7, in case of accident, breakdown, attempted theft, theft, running out or mistaken fuel, puncture, loss of or damage to your car keys.