You are an Alfa Romeo customer? Travel in complete peace of mind, hassle-free, you know that you can always count on roadside assistance which provides you with a wide range of solutions to the difficulties you might encounter. Alfa Romeo has set up a series of services to bring you the serenity which you and your car require in all your journeys and trips.


Your Alfa Romeo vehicle is guaranteed against any manufacturing fault for 24 months from its delivery date without limit of mileage.

This warranty includes:

  • Repair or replacement of defective parts;
  • Labour required for replacement or repair;
  • Supply of consumables required to perform repairs under warranty.
  • During the period of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, you also have the benefit of roadside assistance: Car-warranty-image

FREETOGO: FREE TO TRAVEL, FREE SPIRIT​ Freetogo is the brand of mobilty services developed for Mopar® customers which allows you to travel in peace of mind, with a roadside assistance service available 24 hours a day, all year round. 

SERVICING​ : We take care of your vehicle. Explore the personalised service records of your Alfa Romeo.

USER MANUAL You have lost your service records or warranty? From now on, you can find these documents on line.


Alfa Romeo Customer Service offers you all the support you need:

  • information about our models, our services and our ales and after-sales distribution network, as well as responses to any potential problems
  • Roadside assistance, available 24 hours, all year round, to repair or recover you.
  • Whatever your request may be, call the free International Green Number 008002532000 or use the "Contact us" button on the home page of the site.
  • You can also install our Alfa Romeo app InfoMobile on your smartphone or tweet us @AlfaRomeoCareFR on Twitter

Please read the conditions of application of the Warranty, detailed in your Warranty and Service Manual or approach the Alfa Romeo sales advisers of the Segond Automobiles Group.

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Are you a heart and soul Alfist? Here is the official list of the Alfa Romeo Clubs in the world. Join your nearest club: experience and share your passion and Alfa Romeo events with other Alfists. If you want to add your Alfa Romeo club to this list, send an e-mail to marco.fazio@alfaromeo.com or stefano.agazzi@alfaromeo.com