The Audi RS range

The German car manufacturer Audi enjoys such a reputation that the prestigious luxury car brand is decidedly no longer to be presented. Indeed, the brand's vehicles are well known for their sportiness, elegance and outstanding performance. The Audi RS range is the most significant example of this with powerful sports models that have nothing to envy to the competition. Lovers of beautiful cylinders, if you are looking for a car that combines quality, innovation and performance, the Audi Monaco sports range has something to satisfy you fully!

Audi Quattro: a return to unifying success

Let's go back to the tracks of the legendary Audi Quattro, which has won numerous victories in the motor racing championship. The history of the famous four-wheel-drive race car dates back to 1980, when the German brand was still unknown to the general public. The first Coupe Quattro model become a legend when it won its first World Rally Championship in 1982.

In 1994, Audi unveiled its A4 Quattro, a sports sedan well ahead of its time since it participated in various European championships in 1996 and won them all! The great advantage of its 4WD technology is that the car enjoyed impeccable handling while maintaining its road performance.

Since then, Audi has built gradually a reputation as a champion that has earned him a strong legitimacy among his clients. Indeed, even today the German manufacturer has retained this configuration on these models of the newest sports cars, offering 4-wheel drive to its entire RS range. The Audi R8, RS3, RS5, RS7 and TT RS are all Quattro models and benefit from a dynamic, design and competitiveness that break all records!