Let's take a quick tour of the ranges and models offered by the German manufacturer Audi available at your partner Audi Monaco.

To each his own Audi range

Tall, small, family-friendly, adventurer ... Whatever your need or desire, you'll find the right vehicle for you among the models of the general manufacturer Audi. Indeed, all variations are available: city car, sedan, SUV, coupe, convertible or GT. Buying an Audi means buying a vehicle from a master of car manufacturing. The 100-year-old German manufacturer puts all its know-how into designing vehicles that combine design and quality.

In addition, throughout its history, Audi has earned a reputation as a sporty and innovative manufacturer. It is therefore not surprising to find these values in the ranges of vehicles that the brand offers. Thus, the sports range brings together the best in terms of sports performance. The Quattro range is the symbol of innovation at the service of safety, the Quattro range is the result of the manufacturer's experience in the world of rallying. Quattro vehicles are equipped with an all-wheel drive that automatically distributes engine power between the front and rear axles according to the vehicle's motor requirements. Finally, the latest addition to the brand, the e-tron range offers a hybrid vehicle that combines an electric motor with a thermal engine.

Audi models

The Audi A1 is the small city car in the range. Very compact, it is no less sporty. Available only in five doors, it benefits from all the latest technologies on board. You will certainly enjoy this model if you do exclusively from the city.

The Audi A3 is the brand's bestseller. Versatile and dynamic, she knows how to do everything! Launched in 1996, these models enjoy a remarkable longevity. Indeed, his line has stood the test of time and has undergone only subtle touch-ups. It is available in a three- or five-door version, as well as in a convertible.

In the road category, Audi offers its A4 models. The Audi A4 is a family-friendly vehicle that combines standing, technology and comfort on board. It comes in a sedan, a station wagon and an allroad version. The latter is made for adventure lovers! It benefits from a Quattro all-wheel drive, an expanded wheel pass and an elevated ground clearance.

The Audi A5 is even more spacious than the A4. Its coupe/convertible variant is certainly the flagship model. It was designed by the Italian designer Walter da Silva and is considered by many purists as one of the most successful in the segment. The Audi A5 is also available as a sedan.

A leading figure in premium road cars, the Audi A6 is very spacious without losing any of its light look. Available in sedan and station wagon, it will appeal to fathers in search of great comfort and driving pleasure.

With a futuristic look, the Audi A7's design achieves the perfect combination of the livability of a station wagon and the sportiness of a coupe. Even stronger, the Audi A8 is the pinnacle of luxury and on-board technology.

On the SUV side, Audi offers five models with similar lines but with different sizes: Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7 and Q8 (SUV coupe).

An icon of the brand, the Audi TT was launched in 1998. Its revolutionary line and its new aluminium manufacturing make this vehicle a model of its own. Finally, Audi reserves the best for exceptional fans: the Audi R8. Available in convertible versions as well, the Audi R8 has nothing to envy its Italian rivals!

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Audi Sport: more than just cars, a vision in its own right!

Today, although the brand's S and RS models are offered to thrill seekers, the latter, designed primarily for motor racing, continue to make a name for themselves in the championships! Indeed, Audi has accumulated no less than 13 victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, thanks to an innovation always at the cutting edge, state-of-the-art technologies and engines ever more efficient! Sportiness is therefore the hallmark of these prestigious cars that justify an aggressive design and a level of performance at the height of their reputation.

The Audi Sport branch customer racing also offers its customers who want to drive a real race car like the models that compete in the championships, versions derived from the famous R8: the R8 LMS GT3 and GT4!

Always with the aim of offering its demanding customers high-end services, Audi has since 2007 launched the range of Audi Performance parts that allows any owner of a car of the brand to customize it to the envy and increase significantly its road performance, by adding equipment! Indeed, between lighter rims, more efficient brake pads, a rear fin, or aesthetic parts relating to the interior finishes such as an alcantara steering wheel, or transmission pallets made of noble materials ( polymer and carbon): A wide range of customization is available to customers with the Audi Performance series.