The new Jeeps, the marriage of history with the future

Among the legendary brands, Jeep occupies a special place. With a history linked to one of the greatest events of our century, symbol of the American war industry and now included in the usual vocabulary, the brand enjoys an image which has worn it for many decades at the helm of the world's best-known manufacturers. Today, its expertise in all-terrain vehicles is undisputed, but Jeep has never relied on its achievements. It has taken the turn of the21stcentury with gusto and uses its know-how to develop 4x4s and SUVs adapted to the expectations of our time.

Sport and performance are obviously part of his area of choice but Jeep is not confined to the sector of vehicles adapted to the horrors of the wild track. Since the turn of the century, the American brand has focused on innovation and design. Although the quality of its productions is unchallenged, Jeep was for a long time reduced to the solidity and economics of its models. However, the new Jeeps demonstrate the full extent of the talent of the brand's designers who are able to combine the robustness of their models, a style with a fine design and racy in full coherence with the expectations of consumers today.

The Jeep 4X4, a historical reference

The battle of experts over the origins of the word Jeep is far from over. Some see it as a reference to its sobriety, others to its versatility or its adaptability. In any case, the brand can boast a noble lineage since the first Jeeps were intended for liaisons with command and support of transmissions in the U.S. Army during the Second World War. On the basis of this genealogy, the American brand has retained an adventurous spirit oriented towards obstacle-crossing and robustness.

Yet Jeep has never stopped questioning its knowledge to offer vehicles tailored to contemporary needs. The Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee are the most emblematic heirs of this tradition oriented towards continuous innovation. Current models are the result of many years of research and updating multiple and their performance has been repeatedly adjusted to meet today's consumer expectations.

The Jeep off-roader, the spirit of a manufacturer

Jeep's dynamism can now be explained by two main aspects of its commercial policy, which prevails in the design of its vehicles. The company first took a sharp turn with an increasingly important consideration of the quality of finish and the style of its vehicles. In addition to robustness and reliability, style is now a must-have at Jeep.This is evidenced by the aesthetic care given to the new Compass or Renegade who both proudly assume their origins but also display a certain impertinence in full harmony with today's tastes.

Yet,the essence of the brand is well within its sporty side.This is surely one of the reasons why Jeep has also naturally established itself among the world's largest SUV manufacturers. Even when it produces a versatile model like the Compass, as comfortable in the city as on rough terrain, experts can't help but notice the superiority of the American brand over its competitors in terms of sporting behavior. To believe that crossing is second nature to the brand that can now avail itself of playing on all tables, be they urban or wild