The new Jeep Compass

In a sector as competitive as sports SUVs, the new Jeep Compass
has carved out a place for itself in the sun with great technological innovation and dazzling performance. A direct descendant of iconic and highly symbolic models, the Compass proudly carries the values that have made the reputation of its brand. At the crossroads, Jeep brilliantly follows the paths of creativity to integrate smoothly but with character in the market of urban 4x4s. Goal achieved since she manages to surprise her world with a quality off-road model as comfortable on the bitumen as on the rockery.

The four finishes on offer (Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk)
demonstrate the American manufacturer's desire to reach a wide and diverse audience. Where its competitors favour the city, Jeep persists and signs with its blood this new model designed on the basis of a tradition of adventure for which endurance, crossing and robustness are not empty words. However, the new Compass nevertheless forgets to adapt to the times. Even if the wink in the rearview mirror for his glorious ancestors does not go unnoticed, his furious and confident gaze is resolutely focused on the future and expectations of the world of tomorrow. Details review.

A Jeep SUV in the tradition of modernity

From the previous Compass, there's nothing left. Or almost. However, Jeep has been able to exploit the various advantages of its old models to integrate them into the design of its new album. The seven-hearing grille is reminiscent of the Grand Cherokee and its legendary reliability, while the square wheeled chassis and angular stern are borrowed from the Renegade. The choice of a slender, aerodynamic and action-ready design somewhat nuances the robustness of the Compass and instills a quiet nervousness in this beautiful 4.39 metre long machine. This dynamism of the forms acts as an aesthetic reminder of his pronounced taste for long endurance

On the innovation side, the new Compass makes a strong impression with the use of tip. The
Voice control and built-in instruments allow you to access your smartphone's apps without letting go of the thin leather-wrapped steering wheel. Music, messages and navigation tools are simply displayed on a 7'' touchscreen in the middle of a sober and functional dashboard. The LED headlights, cleverly integrated with the compass's exterior design, once again mark the performance of Jeep engineers who have succeeded in reshaping the spirit of an adventurous brand around aesthetic and technological innovations.

The 4X4 Jeep Compass, a family-run urban with a sporty soul

Aimed at traveling the roads of many countries around the world, the new Compass has an interior finish quality comparable to that of the family models most popular with the general public. A spacious seat and double-floor chest with dantesque dimensions, Jeep
is attentive to its extended-tribe occupants. In AT his is complemented by optimal driving comfort thanks to finely calibrated damping and excellent stability in corners.

When you move away from the big urban centres, the new Jeep Compass reveals its true morning nature of sober sportsmanship. A 9-speed transmission, available in automatic or manual transmission, allows the crossing of the most recalcitrant ruts, while a descent aid allows you to hurtle down steep slopes with control and lightness. The different petrol and diesel engines proposed allow everyone to select the model that suits them by defining beforehand the nature of the road they want to trace. Thus, the new Compass demonstrates a multi-mode
versatility that is manifested as much by its sporty side as in its ability to satisfy large families. A great success for Jeep, which is now a model to follow for its competitors in the sports SUV market.

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