The Jeep® Owners Group is the only official group for Jeep® enthusiasts and happy owners, as well as those who dream of driving one, whether for a few days or for life. Discover our events, discounts, exclusive articles and many other advantages reserved for members of the Jeep® Owners Group. Your adventure starts now!

There are three ways of becoming a Jeep® Owners Group member.

Just choose the one that suits you best. Compare the types of subscription.

LIFETIME (free unlimited duration)

This type of membership is reserved exclusively for who currently own or have owned at least 3 Jeep® models. It’s a tribute from Jeep® to its most loyal customers. This membership is free for life. Life Membership offers the same advantages as Membership as an Owner.

OWNER (€80 a year)

The all-inclusive option for owners of one or more Jeep® models who want the ultimate experience with the marque. Over and above complete access to the website, including vehicle maintenance pages, Owners enjoy discounts, on servicing and customisation of their Jeep®. To continue the legend, every day and everywhere, they can access an exclusive merchandising range, only available online to members of the Jeep® Owners Group.

ENTHUSIAST (€30 a year)

You do not yet have a Jeep®, but you get a tingle when you see a Jeep on the road? You want to live the Jeep® Owners Group experience to be part of the Jeep® family and discover the origin of the word adventure? You are welcome as an Enthusiast member!