Spare parts and accessories customised for your Jeep®

Jeep accessories Monaco et Menton

Spare parts Jeep®

Only your Jeep Monaco workshops really understand every detail and every component of your car. Casino Garage, Jeep-authorised repairer of the Segond Automobiles Group, can take complete care of it.

The Jeep marque works with Mopar® which is the leading organisation of the FCA Group responsible for Services, genuine spare parts and Accessories.

Genuine Mopar® spare parts comply with strict requirements in terms of design and manufacture, to meet the technical specifications of your Jeep.

Consequently, genuine Mopar spare parts for servicing and repairs ensures an impeccable quality and guarantees the best possible lifespan for your Jeep.

Jeep accessories Monaco et Menton

Customised accessories

Mopar® has developed a wide range of accessories for each Jeep ® vehicle in the legendary style and spirit of adventure the marque embodies.

Whether it’s about enhancing exclusivity or being with you in all your pastimes, your Jeep® will adapt perfectly to your style of life with Mopar® accessories.

Boost your Jeep’s spirit of adventure by adding exclusive accessories.

Contact our Casino Garage workshops or our Monaco and Menton dealerships to explore all the accessories which will make your Jeep even more unique.


The unique character of Jeep can be found in a wide range of merchandising to satisfy all tastes: Mopar® offers collections which are as beautiful as they are practical, designed so you can enjoy the Jeep style of life, day after day. T-shirts, sporty zipper jackets as well as practical objects of daily life, like pens, USB keys, shopping bags to match the colour of your car, not forgetting scale models for your desk or your child’s bedroom.

Jeep accessories Monaco et Menton