Lamborghini repair services offered by Lamborghini Service.

Lamborghini Menton has a team of dedicated technicians who are passionate and highly qualified. Always listening to our customers, we are able to offer you an exclusive treatment.

A specialized and passionate staff

All of our staff live and exude the excellence that comes from belonging to a brand like Lamborghini. This is how we are able to help our customers through services that combine exclusivity and high performance. Our specialized technical department, made up of experienced mechanics, has a wide selection of accessories and spare parts and fully complies with the highest standards prescribed by the manufacturer. So, we are pleased to be able to provide the high-quality requirement that a Lamborghini vehicle requires.

Lamborghini supercars have gained worldwide fame thanks to their excellent performance, power and dynamic behaviour. Most of the brand's admirers emphasize and appreciate the unique design of the cars made according to the projects of the specialists of the famous Touring, Bertone, Zagato and Ital Design workshops. In 1998, the Italian company came under the leadership of the German Volkswagen Group and, in particular, under the subdivision of Audi AG.

Quality, certified and guaranteed repairs

All work done in our workshops is certified to meet the quality standards required by Lamborghini. All of the services we are doing to increase vehicle longevity include:

  • Work under warranty on all models.
  • Maintenance and maintenance of all models.
  • Mechanical repair and engine development.
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair.
  • Sheet metal and paint works.
  • Rectification of the chassis and structure.
  • Original spare parts service.
  • Assistance and troubleshooting service.
  • Personalised fundraising service.
  • Etc...

Among the main repairs carried out by our technicians in our workshops, you will find:

  • Diagnosis of transmission.
  • Checking or replacing the braking system
  • Replacing engine supports.
  • Emptying differential liquid.
  • Replacement of the distribution belt and water pump kit.
  • Replacing windows.
  • Replacement of front and rear lights.
  • Replacing parking sensors.
  • Etc.

You can expect lamborghini Menton much more than selling a car or repairing it. We want to share with you our passion for the Italian Bulls. For sales information, technical service,spare parts, maintenance and maintenance, financial services or any other issues, please contact us.