For this edition, we thought we’d take an in-depth look at the electric car market.

We represent manufacturers who are currently, it has to be said, developing the most powerful electric vehicles on the market, which means they are ploughing huge amounts of investment into their production plants as a result of their unwavering faith in the all-electric revolution.

It may seem paradoxical to some, but we’re both passionate fans of motor sports and staunch believers in an all-electric future, especially in the Principality.

Just imagine the streets of Monaco full of nothing but electric vehicles: no pollution, no sound other than the inimitable humming and throbbing of racing cars! The future looks electric, there’s no escaping the fact. And the Segond Automobile Group intends to join the revolution by getting kitted out with charging stations for our clients.

The year 2020 is set to be electrifying!

Wishing you wonderful winter celebrations and many happy returns for the new year.

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  • Porsche Taycan électrique
    Audi Q5 TFSI électrique