Art'Night & Maserati Monaco

October 10th, 2018

" When the Art becomes Design and the Design becomes Art... "

ART ' Night is a cultural meeting of the Art and the Design, the initiated and organized by EYECOM, in partnership, this year, with Maserati Monaco, Genesis Technologies, Sifas and Eurocellar, as well as with the cooperation of Design Kitchens, to promote the work of the artists and the designers with the architects of our region.

An exhibition of 22 monumental sculptures and paints of these artists, the whole livened up by artistic performances, grand performance on Maserati GranTurismo (lent for the event by Maserati Monaco) realized by Nelson Fabiano, also performances on doors of Design Cookings realized by Laurent Bosio and Faben, either still by dancers' interventions in connection with the center Off Jazz in Nice.
Chaque Maserati is a real masterpiece of Italian design designed with the biggest care and the quite particular attention to details. The mark in the trident succeeded in allying in the design of its cars, tradition and innovation, passed and future, memory and imagination.

Its heart is rooted in the Italian tradition, but its look is firmly looking to the future.