Maserati sports cars, pure performance

The Italian luxury car manufacturer has many models to its credit. Since its inception, the firm has been a custom of producing high-quality vehicles with elegant designs and licked finishes, with performance that combines innovation and sportiness! Currently, the legendary Italian brand offers its customers a range of 5 models with impeccable characteristics. Between the entry-level Ghibli model, the Levante SUV, the Quattroporte sedan, as well as the ultimate GranTurismo and GranCabrio sports cars ,the brand has plenty of meet the needs of all driver profiles!

Each car is a work of art made with extreme meticulousness and all the Italian requirement. As a result, no detail is left to chance: 8-speed gearbox, high-performance engine, state-of-the-art on-board technology, high-end comfort, luxury interior finishes, devastating look and personalization. The giant automobile leaves the possibility to its customers to equip their car as they wish! The Italian know-how commands admiration and has allowed to infuse a competitive soul to each of the brand's creations.

Maserati's story: how did this legendary brand come about?

It was in 1914 that the legendary epic of the brand began, which was a worldwide success, with the creation by the four Maserati brothers of the Officine Alfieri in Bologna, Italy. These brothers united by the same dream and the same passion: to achieve automotive perfection.

In 1926, after the war in Italy, the first car of the brand was born: it was the Tipo 26. Before the firm was bought in 1937 by Adolfo Orsi, the first creation of the brothers behind the brand, already worked miracles in motor racing by setting a world speed record of 246 km/h! This figure remains simply impressive for the time and this first model already demonstrated the potential of sportiness that would characterize these super sportscars. In 1939, the original Bolognese brand moved its factory to Modena.

After proving what the firm was capable of in many hand-won car races, the first sports car for road driving, the A6, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1947. Between the 50s and 80s, mythical models followed: the 3500 GT, the Quattroporte, the Ghibli, the Bora, then the Biturbo. It was then in the 1990s that the Italian firm teamed up with one of its biggest competitors, another major italian brand: Ferrari! Since then, the up-and-coming horse brand has been producing high-performance engines that contribute fully to the dynamism of Maserati cars.

Today, the brand is internationally recognized as a model of excellence, not only in Italy but also around the world! Luxury vehicles justify many victories in motorsport and are also always involved in the competition, whether in rally or on circuit!

The evolution of the Maserati range

Over the years, the firm's cars have gradually changed their style. The brand adapts the curves and dimensions of its cars to make them more aerodynamic and more efficient. The grille of vehicles so characteristic in the 30-40s also evolved gradually between the 60s and 80s. Currently, the grilles of these sportsmen have retained their old-fashioned soul in accordance with tradition, with a design consisting of several vertical lines and the famous trident in the center.

It is no coincidence that the brand chose a trident as its logo. The latter symbolizes the exclusive character of these exceptional cars, which always have the most elegant appearance as well as performance at the cutting edge of excellence.