Warranty and servicing for your Maserati

Maintenance Programme

Retain all Maserati excellence

Choosing Maserati amounts to cultivating one’s difference while travelling in complete safety, with the experience of a unique driving pleasure. The Maserati maintenance programme is the best solution for your business: a flexible and versatile programme which will cover all of your needs.

This programme is available for all Ghibli and Quattroporte models. You can subscribe to it when purchasing your vehicle or before its first service.
The Maserati maintenance programme covers maintenance operations on your car for a maximum of 5 years or 160,000 km (or 100,000 miles). You can adjust the annual mileage as well as duration of the contract to suit your own needs.

Maserati Segond Automobiles Group

Maserati Segond Automobiles Group

Breakdown Assistance

In Europe, the Maserati Warranty Extension includes breakdown assistance which the customer can call on throughout the period of validity of the warranty extension. This assistance service is open to all European customers covered by the Maserati Warranty Extension, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to a help centre which provides the following services:
•    Breakdown Assistance and courtesy car
•    Passenger Transfer to their place of departure or their destination
•    Vehicle Recovery and Repair
•    Accommodation Costs
•    Vehicle Repatriation
•    Cash Advance to cover essential costs
•    Support and information from the Maserati Service network.

Warranty Transfer

En cas de changement de propriétaire, la couverture prévue par l’Extension de garantie Maserati reste entière et est transférée au nouveau propriétaire. 

Exclusions de garantie

La garantie pour les véhicules d’occasion offre la même couverture que la garantie contractuelle, avec les exclusions suivantes :

  • les opérations de maintenance et le coût des éléments consommables ou des pièces qui sont soumises à une usure normale,
  • l'altération ou la détérioration de la peinture, des chromes et du revêtement intérieur due à une usure normale ou à des conditions d’utilisation inappropriées,
  • les réparations qui ne relèvent pas de défauts de pièces ou de fabrication, mais qui sont dues à une mauvaise utilisation, à des accidents ou à la participation à des compétitions.

Warranty Extension

Emotions which last

With the exclusive Maserati Warranty Extension programme, you can enjoy extended cover for your Maserati, for up to 7 years regardless of mileage.

The “Maserati Warranty Extension” offers you the same cover as the manufacturer’s contractual warranty, while the “Maserati Limited Warranty Extension” programme offers you protection limited to the main mechanical parts (engine, gearbox, transmission).

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