Porsche Taycan, the electric revolution!

The automotive planet has been boiling since the German manufacturer started testing the Taycan in real conditions! Derived from the 2015 Mission E concept car, it is a 100% electric model. It took several years of research for Porsche to develop this car, a unique concentrate of innovation and performance. Discover this model exclusively!

Electricity and sportiness are compatible!

If you are a fan of Tesla, you will be particularly interested in the 100% electric model developed by Porsche, the Taycan. Starting from a blank sheet, the German manufacturer showed innovation and pushed all his standards for his new car! Without betraying his DNA and his quality as a sports builder, Porsche has developed a vehicle that already stands out as a reference in the field.

At a time when the car is being criticized for its environmental impact, the Porsche Taycan appears as the solution that reconciles sport and environment. Bitumen enthusiasts and driving sensations, you will be served! Currently, the German manufacturer has launched 18 of its prototypes on the roads to perform a real-world test. If you are passing between Norway and Germany, open your eyes, you may cross one!

Discover the electric Porsche Taycan

While the full features and performance have not yet been officially published, some information has still filtered. Thus, although its platform has 4 doors and 4 seated seats, the Taycan has fake airs of 911. Watch your head, with its height of 1.38 m, you will have to lower to get on board! On the habitability side, the rear passengers will have a reasonable place for their legs, even if the reception is less important than in the Panamera for example. The rear trunk has a volume of 366 L while the front trunk has a volume of 81 L. Finally, the colours available in the catalogue promise to be original, like a new dark green Manba of the finest effect!

Inside, you will be surprised by the futuristic design of the dashboard. Equipped mainly with large LED screens, the interior of the Taycan makes the most of the touch control! You will find a large 16.8-inch curved screen instead of needle counters. The central console consists of two touchpads.

From the standpoint of engines, it is still difficult to know what the Taycan has in its belly. It will be available in two versions: Turbo and Turbo S which is the sport version. Both will be equipped with a two-speed transmission: a short for acceleration and a long for energy saving. The cover houses a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 800 V and a capacity of 93.4 kW.

The range is announced around 500 km. The German manufacturer has only communicated the performances of his new car in overboost mode. Both versions will be able to reach 625 hp for 10 s, then 680 hp (for the Turbo) and 761 hp (for the Turbo S) for 2.5 s. The performance is there! Thus, the 0 to 100 km/h is reached in just 3.2 s for the Turbo and 2.8 s for the Turbo S! A remarkable feat!