The peerless sports car.

The one which has fascinated for several generations. This is the model par excellence. The essential reference.
The one which is part of Porsche DNA.

The 2019 version of the Porsche 911

The 8th generation Porsche 911 was shown at the Geneva Show to the delight of the enthusiastic fans of this model. This newcomer remains faithful to the concept of the original legendary model, whilst bringing its own set of new features.

The new Porsche 911 - type 992

The new 911, christened the type 992, replaces the 991. Although larger, wider and slightly heavier, Porsche has not completely changed the design of this legend.The 911 above all remains a 911. Whilst it has gained 2 cm in length, 4.5 cm in width and about fifty kilos, the soul of this beauty remains the same and retains the aesthetic features of its earlier versions.The hood is a little more inclined, like the original 1963 model, and the 911 name at the rear is a sign of the timeless nature of this model.

There are new features, however, such as the rear lights which are now linked by a single light strip over the entire width of the rear bodywork. There are also the re-designed door handles and a much more imposing air foil which appears at speeds over 80km/hr. Porsche also took the decision to give this new little gem full (or almost full) aluminium bodywork. Only the bumpers don’t have this coating.

The new 911 comes as two models: The Carrera S with two-wheel drive and the Carrera 4 S with permanent four-wheel drive. The front wheels are 20 inches and the rear wheels approximately 21 inches.

In terms of power the Porsche has a 3-litre flat-six twin turbo boxer engine giving 450 horsepower; that is 30 horsepower more than the previous version. This unit offers impressive levels of performance. The Carrera S reaches 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, whilst the 4 S model reaches this speed in barely 3.4 seconds. The respective top speeds are 306 and 308 km/h. The type 992 therefore has a remarkable sports car character.

Part of the Porsche 911 lineage, the 922 brings its own set of new features

The quality in this 2019 version of the 911 is evident.One of the most notable new features is that this 8th reincarnation was designed to be first in the history of the model to receive a hybrid motor soon.Hence the aluminium body and incorporation of the PDK dual-clutch eight-speed gearbox; six gears for driving and two to minimise fuel consumption and CO2 discharges.

Although around fifty kilos heavier, and with thirty or so extra horsepower from its flat six boxer engine, this newcomer exhibits a very convincing level of agility on the road and adapts to all driving styles with disconcerting ease.It has driving performance levels which match its reputation, with a Comfort and Sport Plus mode which adapt to any situation. These offer level of manoeuvrability that meet any demands made on it as well as enjoyment levels worthy of the biggest sports cars.

A new “rain” driving mode also makes its début. This allows the car to automatically regulate its stability and adapt to driving on wet roads. The car combines agility and power, with amazing results.

In terms of on-board technology, the new 911 also has great new features in its almost fully digital dashboard, a compact and original dual-clutch razor-blade shaped gearbox, high quality polished finishes in the driving compartment and a set of additional options such as an adaptive regulator or a thermal imaging camera, to further personalise the driver’s experience.