The Porsche Cayenne - a 3rd generation SUV and still just as successful.

When the first-generation Porsche Cayenne was launched in 2002, its presentation was surrounded by a lot of scepticism on the part of the automotive industry’s specialists. For fans of the brand with the horse logo, the launch of an SUV was perceived to be at the very least iconoclastic coming from a manufacturer accustomed to the fine design of sports cars. Nevertheless, 17 years later, it is safe to say that it is one of Porsche’s greatest success. With more than 270,000 cars sold between 2002 and 2010, it is in its third generation of vehicles. This exceptional longevity is due as much to its performance as to its sporty SUV design - which has allowed it to claim its place among the sport models traditionally manufactured by the brand.

The Cayenne, the ultimate sports SUV

Three generations of the model share their exclusive 4x4 feature, and their performance on the road as well as on more difficult terrain. Nevertheless, over time, the brand has been able to make use of innovations in order to take performance even further. Thus, without fundamentally compromising its silhouette, it has evolved towards more aerodynamic and dynamic qualities. For example, the latest generation has been equipped with Panamera model engines, allowing a significant gain in performance.

In its role of a sports SUV, it is also designed to withstand shocks and impacts. This is why the latest models incorporate an entirely aluminium body, combined with the use of steel details and extrusions. As a true luxury 4x4, it is also equipped with off-road management systems, with several mode settings. The options are "Normal," "Gravel," "Mud," and "Rocks." Depending on the chosen option, the suspension adjusts more finely, and allows a display of the direction of the wheels.

Performance, quality and exclusivity on the menu with the 2019 Cayenne Coupe

For 2019, the big novelty unveiled by the Stuttgart company was announcing the launch of a Cayenne coupe. This is a major innovation, which will rival the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE models, the only brands to have ventured onto this terrain to date. Nevertheless, the 5 doors will be kept, the 3-door SUV coupe models having been a bit less popular with the public.

As for the drivetrain: integrating rechargeable hybrid blocks, as well as abandoning the diesel versions echo the recent news from the Volkswagen group, to whom the manufacturer belongs since 2012. It is offered starting from 86,000 €, which makes it one of the most affordable of the brand’s models, while ensuring a certain exclusivity on the market. At this price point, you will enjoy a quasi-autopilot that can assist you for up to 3 kilometres, as well as a night vision system capable of detecting animals or pedestrians in the dark. And these are just two of the numerous technological innovations this model offers.