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Suzuki cars, practical versatility

Suzuki's history begins with the 20th century. At the time, Japan, in the midst of the modernization of its industry, was fertile ground for savvy entrepreneurs who cultivated innovation and know-how to establish the consumer society in a country with strong traditions. Citizens' appetite for new technologies forms the basis of a thriving market where the vision of the company's founder, Suzuki Michio, will make a strong impression. Originally focused on the production of sewing machine tools for the textile industry, the Japanese brand is reorienting itself towards engines and its derivatives including car manufacturing, boat manufacturing and especially motorcycle production.

It is this latter sector that contributes to the company's worldwide awareness. After a thunderous start in the 1960s in Japan, Suzuki diversified its activities and opened new factories throughout the archipelago.The reliability of its engines is pushing Western automotive giants to partner with Suzuki to establish commercial bridgeheads in the Land of the Rising Sun. General Motors and Fiat in particular have entered into numerous mutually beneficial partnerships with the Japanese company, allowing it to promote its various vehicles in Europe and the United States. Its fame grows with the Motorcycle models Bandit and Hayabusa but also with its small city dwellers, perfectly adapted to the requirements of urban traffic. Today, Suzuki is present in many emerging countries, including, where the quality, the constant quality of its productions as well as its originality continue to impress the users.

The whole world of the Suzuki range

Suzuki is a brand with a pragmatic spirit. This founding characteristic of its philosophy gives it qualities highly appreciated by contemporary drivers. It is no coincidence that one of his first commercial successes in the United States was a compact car with clean lines that stands in stark contrast to the big American cars cut for the great outdoors. This attraction for the city-dweller who is quick to integrate into urban mazes can be found in many of her current productions. The Suzuki Celerio or Suzuki Ignis display the same characteristics of design sobriety while offering spaces designed for everyday life. Here the compact combines with the practice. However, the Japanese brand does not forget the pleasure aspect of driving. The Suzuki Swift in particular, if she does not forget her roots, she wants to be a nervous city girl always on the lookout for a winding path where her qualities of sportsmanship find expression.

Suzuki's key asset is its ability to evolve and adapt to the demands of a market constantly evolving cars. In particular, it has proved to be very competent in the production of SUVs, a range that has been expanding since the early 2000s.The Suzuki Vitara or Suzuki C-Cross are symbols of the successful marriage between the desire for sporty driving and the demands of urban traffic. Hyper connected, secure and aesthetically cared for, these models display the dynamism of a prolific brand, always oriented towards the future. Suzuki Jimny plays it on the codes of the kind 4-wheel drive. Its small size allows it to navigate with ease on city roads while maintaining a dwindling mentality that never manifests itself as strongly as in mountain passes.

The Suzuki Monaco dealership, an evidence

The world of the Suzuki range is a reflection of the precepts established by its founder. Practical concern, quality performance and period awareness, the Japanese brand does not hesitate to include the latest technological innovations in these vehicles. Thus, connective necessities or ecological concerns are now fully integrated into the design process of its cars. This ability to adapt allows it to offer an ever-changing range that meets the new needs of today's drivers.

It is no coincidence that its concessions are permanently established in urban areas where the capacities of its city dwellers work wonders and greatly facilitate the daily lives of users. In the Maritime Alps, where winding mountain roads are never far from major cities, Suzuki's versatility gives it a special aura that makes it one of the most able to meet the expectations of those who want to drive a car that is as enjoyable as it is practical.