Suzuki Monaco and Menton are committed to providing you with an impeccable quality

Your Suzuki -authorised Casino Garage workshop alone can 100% guarantee compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines and extend the life of your vehicle. Our technicians were trained and accredited by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible care to diagnose and resolve any potential problem your vehicle may have. Don’t wait any longer, make an appointment online directly via our platform or directly contact your Suzuki -authorised repairer from the Segond Automobiles Group.

Servicing and Extended Warranty

I service it so it can go further!

A well-maintained vehicle limits the risks of breakdown, and even accidents, as it can react better in a difficult situation. Furthermore, regular servicing of your Suzuki is indispensable for its longevity and will be an indisputable advantage when it comes to selling it.

What is more, servicing your car according to the Suzuki programme will help you reduce fuel consumption and drive in an environmentally friendly way, while guaranteeing you: Tranquillity, Serenity & Safety.

Spare Parts

Only someone who really knows every detail and every component of a car will be capable of completely taking care of it.

That’s why genuine Suzuki spare parts are designed and thought through to preserve over time the characteristics of reliability, comfort and performance of the car as it was on leaving the factory.